PROJECT: A4 Contemporary Arts Center Lounge/Bookstore

A4 is a contemporary art centre actively engaged in promoting worldwide contemporary art, although situated in the outskirt of Chengdu south-western China in a local luxury “Mediterranean” style community, they are endeavouring to be an important cradle of international contemporary art. We were invited to re-design part of the art centre to be a modern lounge bookstore. Our design aims to transform this space to provide A4 Contemporary Arts Centre with new energy and vibrancy that it suits.

The space used to be very small, for which we designed a new mezzanine, to increase the area but also decrease the excessive height, to create a more comfortable and suitable scale.

The mezzanine is designed to be steel structure and covered with translucent frosted glass on top, in this way during daytime more natural light can go through extending the feeling and notions of space.

Lighting design is integrated into the new mezzanine floor with LED tubes installed in the structure space, when switched on, the lit up floor transforms the interiors, generates dynamics, and extends the energy to the outdoor.

At the entrance a foyer with double height provides visitors with an open and spacious environment, where some of the art work of the Arts Center’s collection can be hung for display.

This project was invited to be exhibited in “Zao / Architecture China” exhibition held in Lyon France.