PROJECT: Buenos Aires Contemporary Art Museum
PROGRAM: Exhibition
GFA: 6200 sqm

The solution we present is an organic shape to react to the orthogonal urban plan of the city; it is also a way to break the linearity of the port promenade offering a more fluent and interesting experience for the pedestrians. The shape has very strong sense of movement, like a dance flow in tango; this characteristic is also reflected in the interior circulation and generation of spaces providing the visitors with a unique and continuous nuance enriched by natural light, a balance between tensioned and relaxed geometries.

The shape is generated by a singular structure of white concrete. There is an intent to create a reference in the area - a singular building which strongly represents the tendencies of contemporary art and differs from the repetitive red brick buildings in the west side of the port. The museum also acts as a connector between the port, the city and the green areas on the city side through its transparent character, in a way a rupture of the continuous building barrier which closes the port to itself. On the ground floor is located the entrance hall and the services as well as administration and multipurpose hall, the 1st and 2nd floor are designated to the museum galleries. The outdoor exhibition on the top floor enjoys the views from both sides - the port and the city; it has a privilege location in the building, a very special space.