PROJECT: Cao Feidian New District Harbor Logistic Mansion Master Plan
PROGRAM: Mixed Use
GFA: 700 000 sqm

The master plan consists of mixed use programs including offices, residential, commercial, hotel and market.

Our proposal is based on one main axis and two secondary ones, the secondary alignments respect the existing urban plan configuration on the west and a relation with the landscape and small water canal on the east. These two directional axes connect west and east, guide to the main central axis which is south/north orientated providing views towards the sea from a large percentage area of the master plan. The result is a fluid connection with the sea, and interactions between views and natural ventilation.

Along this central axis are located the main public facilities (such as the hotel and market) as well as the commercial, leaving the residential areas more quiet and private.

The 3 axes strengthen the office plot located in the water front at the end of the central axis, and the most importantly, the fusion between water and land.