PROJECT: Chengdu Tiante Grain Trading Park
PROGRAM: Residential, Offices, Retail
GFA: 130 000 sqm

The site is situated at the Logistic and Grain Trading Park in Qing Baijiang district, an industrial town in the north of Chengdu. Due to its geographic location and transportation infrastructures such as the high-way and rail ways, it is an important distribution center for industry, construction materials and food.

In order to provide this industrial area with better environment and supporting service facilities, the plot use consists of the following programs: offices, residential, commercial, market and car parking.

Our proposal is defined by well configured blocks in order to mark the site, and its quartiers bring urban and cozy atmosphere. We create internal yards in order to provide comfortable and attractive environment which will generate interest and enthusiasm of people not only from surrounding material and trading parks but also from the Qing Baijiang city to experience the high quality of architecture and urban space in this neighborhood.