PROJECT: Ching Gym Global Center

As continuity of the previous concept for Ching gym we keep developing the notion of movement in a static space through light and materiality. Through this idea we aim for a dynamic, sensible, delicate and stimulating environment for users.

We also researched and integrated the initial approach of ancient Greek gyms which was always a relationship between physical exercise and intellectual knowledge mainly philosophy, as a result an auditorium was designed with a back shelving system for a library providing the possibility of users to have a break physically but keep exercising intellectually.

Furthermore we introduced for the first time to Ching in this gym an interior track giving the freedom to users to run in a more human intuitive way instead of in a treadmill.

The overall interior layout is based in similarity to an urban fabric where buildings, streets and squares exist, in this space respectively aerobic/yoga rooms, circulation/running track, and breakout areas.