PROJECT: Ching Gym 01

The brand Ching () means pure and clear in Chinese. Ching Gym 01 is the first interior design project done for Ching, by which a complete new and strong visual identity is brought to this brand, clearly stating the message that Ching wants to convey to its customers.

Gym is not a body exercise room for muscles, instead gym is a place where both your mental and physical state can get improved. Having this in mind, a very clear and pure space is created in interior design where people can focus.

Furthermore, there was an attempt to create a sense of movement for the gym, however the challenge was the very low construction budget, and how to use cheap materials in a static space to achieve this aim. The design strategy is to play with light stripes and the lighting effects onto material surfaces, as well as the shifted positions of material panels, to generate visual and psychological feeling of movement.