PROJECT: Daegu Gosan Public Library
PROGRAM: Library
GFA: 3100 sqm

A library is not just a physical space to store books which people can borrow and take back home to read, it’s more of a knowledge hub where people can access to information, share information, get stimulated, and different events and activities can happen. It’s a cultural platform in a city, in our case, Daegu Gosan Public Library will serve as the community connector for Suseong-gu.

Diverse needs for different uses from people living in this neighborhood are calling for flexibility and multi-functions in our architectural design. A central atrium with skylight is designed as a connector to bring the 3 floors of the library together, to bind the Culture and Lifelong Study Space with the main entrance, to connect interior with exterior. It’s a shared space, when the movable partitions behind the Multi-purpose Room stage are open, it can be used together with the Multi-purpose Room for big community events or performances; when its sliding glass doors are open, the space can be extended to the adjacent outdoor area which can be used for events’ reception.

To its south side the central connector is embraced by 4-level terraces of bookshelves and reading lounge. Instead of putting books into parallel bookshelves back to back distributed into different floors, our design offers the users a panorama view towards the general collection. In this way it’s not only easier or visually more direct for people to locate books, more importantly it will become a feature of Daegu Gosan Public Library attracting people from the community or even from Daegu city to pay a visit and use the library. It’s almost like a theater, colorful and vivid, people’s circulation flowing across it on multiple stairs. Reading and studying areas partially with double space are formed between book terraces and the facades, enjoying adequate daylight and views to the trees around the building.

Impressive interiors with books beautifully displayed, concentrated yet flexible spaces for multi-functional needs, as well as friendly appearance.. all of these will create Daegu Gosan Public Library to be a popular venue with local residents. It’s a connector, bringing people to meet, to share, and to bind their knowledge and culture together.