PROJECT: Dimension³

Every construction independently of its scale is based on dimensions. In a construction site all dimensions are carefully taken and reviewed during the process; designers, workers, suppliers use a measuring tape as the main tool during constructions.

The measuring tape is a small but indispensable tool, which immediately tells us the dimensions, through which volumes and surfaces of a space are defined.

The aim of this art installation (Dimension³) is to use this tool as a material itself to create an organic surface and volume. Currently in China where the industries of manufacture and building are flourishing, being very cheap and handy the measuring tapes are everywhere to be seen on construction sites. We make creative design out of this widely existed ordinary daily tool, to bring unexpected experiences to the audience.

By painting the measuring tape’s metal edge in red a surface will be generated mainly by points in space, the tape showing the depth between the point and the base board is an explicit collection of data.

By using parametric design and controlling the length of each measuring tape, we can create different three dimensional geometries of (Dimension³) each time in different spaces.