PROJECT: FOUR Boutique Shop

Together with the current urbanization in China, shopping malls are emerging one after another in Chinese cities. However they are all with similar design, both interior and exterior, no matter in which city.

We were commissioned by FOUR to make an interior design for their second boutique in one of these shopping malls. In order to represent the identity of FOUR which sells young Chinese fashion designers labels, we decide to make it unique although it’s located in an ordinary Chinese mall.

In contrast to the other neighbouring shops which normally expose every product directly in front of customers, we create three small boxes inside of this triangle shape shop. On the perimeter of the shop, there are special moments and openings that only reveal parts of the interior to the exterior, which makes passing by people want to go in and experience a unique space and circulation in a private and more confortable way. The design arouses people’s curiosity, and makes the spatial experience more interesting.

Facing the central display area, the boxes also have special openings showing only parts of the clothes, sometimes it’s the upper shoulder part, while the other is focused at the bottom. Overall, there are always surprising moments making this less than 120m2 sized boutique mysterious, playful, and attractive.