PROJECT: Hefei Elderly Community
PROGRAM: Residential, Medical Care, Training, Leisure
GFA: 100 000 sqm Phase 1 (Total 320 000 sqm)

Our proposal is based on a natural and energy efficiency solution which integrates the buildings into the existing hill topography. Creating a natural atmosphere and a construction embedded in the environment provides the users with relaxing and inspiring surroundings.

In order to give the required number of occupancy and use the land wisely we design 2 different typologies. One is apartment building with 3 to 4 floors which can accommodate a large number of people. The apartment building includes common areas such as canteen, playing rooms, nursery etc. This typology works in a more compact way for the users. The second typology is villas providing a luxurious, private and comfortable living unit which is meant to be used by people who have a better mobility and better health conditions.

The master plan is a mix of these 2 typologies in order to create a harmonious yet functional composition in the landscape. The public areas such as the squares for activities and the natural paths in the hills are easy to be accessed from all parts of the community.

The essence of our solution is a natural integration of landscape and buildings which we believe will give the users the right atmosphere to spend their time, socially and in nature, will also provide them with the facilities they need for a healthy life style.