PROJECT: Adaptation of the Elevated Highway

Modern cities are increasingly built for cars, however the comfort and the experience for people have become a secondary role on urban design. As a result there is large number of elevated highways in many cities, consequently generating unoccupied zones with one single generic function - extensive "non-places."

We worked on a few stretches of these elevated highways as an experimental design to integrate and relate them with the urban fabric, in order to break the infrastructure as a barrier but instead to create a connector in the city for a continuous urban environment.

This continuity becomes possible due to multileveled circulations and accesses, a three-dimensional network, opposite to the typical high rise building the access of which is mainly from the ground floor and then vertically up and down, the other floors are then dependent on lifts etc. and become isolated areas from the city ground.

We want to stimulate different function and programs which are closely related with people’s use and activities to happen on the structure of the elevated highways, to connect with the buildings on both sides at different heights, thereby activating the vitality of the urban area, stitching the fragmented city life.