NTYPE is a design platform fully involved in the current developments. We believe architecture and urbanism is a continuous progress of symbiosis with ecology, society, economy, and politics, and they deeply influence each other. We do extensive and profound research in order to understand how the relevant factors work together. We also keep close contacts and collaborations with world leading academics, philosophers, artists, and engineers as well as experts and advisers from other different fields, in order to achieve effective and creative solutions.

We engage our client from the very beginning of each design assignment, trying to understand their needs in a fundamental way so that our design work is not arbitrary but pragmatic, not generic but unique, not shortsighted but with vision.

Every project is an opportunity that we take seriously and with enthusiasm. With the full awareness from research, communication and cooperation, we explore possibilities and experiment diverse options, to let the functional legibility, technical appropriateness, visual aesthetics, spatial quality, architecture and urban significance all grow integrated in design.