PROJECT: Suncheon Art Platform Competition

From the research about South Korean traditional architecture, art, performance as well as its contemporary art we found that there is a continuous focus or subject commonly presented: floating, flying, levitating. There is a detachment from the ground being explored since ancient times. This subject was one of the starting points for our proposal. In the floating volume we introduced sloped roofs echoing traditional Korean architecture, and in comparison to the rapidly developed industrial looking surroundings. By introducing such shape we intend to create a recognizable building in the area and bring back to its urban context the traditional architectural element in a contemporary way.

Subtracting from this volume the new Yeonja-Ru and cafeteria is created, and leaving a central common space orientated North East to avoid the predominant wind from North West. This central common space connects the Exhibition Space and Education Space, which also serves as an art gallery with stunning views of surrounding hills and to the OK Stream.

The new Yeonja-Ru and cafeteria is not only a subtraction from the main volume but is also inverted following the same floating notion. Its main area is higher on 2F for better views and to interpret the meaning of such building “Ru, an attic structure floating from the ground to have a far and wide view and jeongja…”. In the North the building is open from 1F to 2F with a seating auditorium extending the ground floor landscape and allowing the possibility to support an event/performance.

In order to activate the urban environment and bring people into the Art and Visitor Center in natural flows, a sunken plaza and a series of stairs with seating auditorium are introduced to connect and create strong relationships among the car parking, underground shopping mall, and ground floor surrounding areas, also to generate the possibilities of performances, events, markets and outdoor exhibitions. In this way there will also be an uninterrupted continuity of circulations among all the mentioned areas to the outdoor exhibition on the 2F roof top garden.

The 1 st floor triangular shape and its orientation is a result of analysis on the possible circulations of the urban surroundings, connecting west of the site and the new Yeonja-Ru, the fashion street and the culture street. We want people to be able to access the building from all three directions, thus a three façade building is generated and being transformed into a connecting point, as a living room where visitors and locals meet together in an artistic, free and inspiring environment.