PROJECT: Vanke Possibilities of Concrete

This project was initially developed by researching about what has been done before, not only regarding Vanke possibilities of concrete but also in a world wide range with concrete as a material. Realizing that most of what was created had a sculptural character it was decided to create an installation which could generate space as well, where people could actually walk around, perceive different perspectives and in effect create a way to enter the space appealing to the different spatial senses of the human being.

This was possible through a sequence of concrete frames which twist and reshape from one side to the other, giving a constant sense of space mutation. The spacing in between the frames provides a sense of transparency and a relation between the interior and exterior of the installation as well as a unique sense of light into the space which transforms whilst walking through, and during the day.

To develop the idea computational design was applied in order to manipulate shape and every parameter of the design and essentially to facilitate the production of the construction drawings.

(As a collateral exhibition of 2013 Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Shenzhen), this project was exhibited in Shenzhen Qianhai Company Residence in December 2013.)