PROJECT: Biennale Pavilion Venice
PROGRAM: Cultural, Public
GFA: 760 sqm

The location of this project is one of the most important areas and waterfront in Venice, the proximity of San Marco piazza and San Marco Basilica turn it into a focal point.

The Domes are able to be developed as complete spheres due to the gravitational forces on water and floating circumstances. The spheres are organized in a way to create interesting space and flexibility for different uses.

The Domes were important architectonic elements during long period of history, and even in nowadays they are still magnificent structures which create references and landmark icons in cities. The Domes of San Marco Basilica are predominant in San Marco piazza, but not visible from the canal, so as an analogy and an extension, we brought the geometries to the waterfront.

In general the section of the pavilion is divided into 3 parts, the bottom which is underwater is an air compartment; the floor of the pavilion is a chamber containing water, levelling the pavilion and giving an exciting experience to the visitors inside of the pavilion as if standing just above the water; the pavilion space are roundish shapes covered by transparent flexible pvc, providing unique perspectives of Venice, blurry and deformed, sometimes magnifying or narrowing views.

Venice has a strong identity and architectural character so the transparency of the pavilion makes itself as part of the city instead of superimposing on it.