PROJECT: Wenzhou Exhibition Center, 3rd Prize
PROGRAM: Exhibition, Offices
GFA: 62 000 sqm

The design is based on a glass cube shaped by the structure grid providing the space with more flexibility. The pure glass shape is interrupted by cantilever boxes which are used for special functions such as cafeteria lounge, restaurant, VIP meeting rooms and conference rooms.

In order to give the building a pure shape metallic mesh is introduced which has various functions on esthetics and sustainability aspects. The mesh protects the building from different weather circumstances such as solar exposure; as a filter, it keeps the inner glass cleaner in raining situations. It makes the building seem as a volume from distance but closer shows the transparency of the interiors; in this way it brings an elegant and mysterious depth to the architecture. The true beauty of the building is revealed in the evening when the lights come out from inside and the translucent characteristics of the metallic mesh transform the building with colorful light and render the interior atmosphere.

Regarding the office building the main issue is the large volume of it, and the proximity to the exhibition and convention center. To solve it we fragment the volume horizontally following the linear and horizontal configuration of the exhibition building, and we sift them vertically, to give the building a direction towards the river. The organization of the volumes in an asymmetric way, the setbacks and the different heights turn the office building into an interesting and exciting composition.

Different volumes of the office building use different materials: first of all, metallic mesh follows the material and reading of the exhibition building and provides solar protections; secondly, U glass. These two materials show high quality and efficiency regarding sustainability. Their translucent characteristics give the building an artistic look, bringing different feelings during day and night, transforming the buildings into a special feature by the river front, a landmark of Wenzhou.